Is the water safe to drink?

    Yes! The water in the fire hydrants is the same treated, potable drinking water distributed to businesses and households, and will undergo rigorous testing at each bottle fill station to ensure it continues to be safe to drink.

    The water is too warm.

    Thirteen litres of water sits above ground within the vertical column of the fire hydrants, so water may be a bit warm when the tap is first opened on hot, sunny days. The City recommends running the water for a short time before filling a bottle to ensure it is an enjoyable temperature to drink.

    Through the pilot in 2022, crews modified the units to add timers to automatically flush water at defined intervals to prevent stagnant water in the barrels.

    What about contamination?

    Each water bottle fill station is designed so that the stream of water is protected to only allow freefall into a water bottle, cup or bowl. Patrons will not be able to drink directly from the spout, reducing the risk of contamination. 

    Each of the ten stations are disinfected weekly.

    These stations are not monitored 24-hours a day, though are maintained and tested regularly. Therefore, they are at risk for tampering or nefarious treatment, as with any public infrastructure. The City encourages patrons to use their judgement and report any evidence of contamination or vandalism to the number located on the unit.

    I came across a unit that is damaged. What should I do?

    Please note: The bottle fill stations have an assembly attached that will self-flush and regulate stagnant water at the bottom of the reservoir. These assemblies are on a timer to run four times per day for approximately 10 minutes intervals. So if you see one running with no one around, it isn't necessarily broken.

    Each unit has a phone number on it to report any damage or concerns. Contact City Assets at 403-529-8176.

    Won't these be at risk of wasting water?

    The valve on each unit is spring loaded so that it has to be physically held open or it will automatically spring shut to prevent wasting our precious drinking water.

    I want a bottle fill station near me.

    Depending on usage and demand, the City may move some stations each season, or as required, to ensure they meet the needs of our residents.

    If you think there is a particular location that would benefit many, please submit an "idea" at the bottom of this page, or click here.

    How much have we spent on the pilot project?

    After modifications through the pilot phase in 2022, the final cost for each unit is approximately $1,300. All the parts used in constructing the water stations are regular inventory parts that can easily be taken apart and reused in normal operations, with the exception of the stickers and perhaps some of the metal casing.

    The total cost of the water used in the 2022 pilot was just over $550.

    Where were the stations located in 2022?

    In 2022, the first year of the pilot program, water bottle fill stations were located at:


    • McCutcheon Trail at McCutcheon Drive NW and Basset Crescent NW
    • Sixth Street NE & Fourth Avenue NE
    • End of Parkview Close NE


    • Towne Square on the corner of First Street SE and Sixth Avenue SE
    • First Street SE in front of City Hall
    • Second Street SE between South Railway Street SE and Sixth Avenue SE
    • Fifth Street SE & Sixth Avenue SE


    • South Ridge Trail at Stratton Way SE
    • South Ridge Trail near Southlands Drive SE (by Masterpiece Southland Meadows)
    • South Boundary Road at Home Depot

    The stations were removed for winter the week of October 11.