Stage 2 - Baseline Review

In December 2022, the following two key reports as part of Stage 2 which informs the materiality assessment engagement sessions:

Baseline Review and Analysis Report was created to conduct a comprehensive current state assessment of various environmental topics. WSP conducted a three-pronged Baseline Review and Analysis, consisting of a review of the following:

  • City of Medicine Hat’s existing environmental-related policies, programs, and initiatives;
  • Relevant federal and provincial polices and legislation; and
  • Best practices and environmental frameworks and/or master planning development for peer municipalities.

Informed by WSP Stage 2 Analysis, seven preliminary environmental topic areas were identified to help streamline the research and capture relevant targets and metrics that are likely to be of interest to the City of Medicine Hat. The topic areas are:  

  • Water;   
  • Energy and Air;  
  • Climate Resilience,   
  • Ecosystems and Agriculture;  
  • Solid Waste;   
  • Community and Land Development; and  
  • Green Economy. 

The environmental topic area names and groupings identified at this stage are considered preliminary and are not confirmed to be captured in the final Environmental Framework. The intention was to provide an initial structure through which to evaluate initiatives and targets. The topic areas are expected to evolve over the course of the development of the Environmental Framework. 

Climate Resilience Assessment Report has been completed to provide an overview of future climate projections, trends and hazards for City of Medicine Hat in the mid- and late-century time period. The report includes detailed climate projections against the environmental focus topics identified from the Baseline Review and Analysis Report.

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