Community Survey FAQ

    What is this all about?

    • Municipal Works is conducting a review of our Snow and Ice Control Program. The Program defines the service levels for maintaining the City's public roads in the winter months. 

    Why are you doing a review?

    • The last review of our Program was in 2011. We are doing another review in an effort to be proactive. It is a good time for us to review industry best practices and see if any new technologies have emerged. We are also checking in with our community to understand what is and isn't working from your viewpoint. 
    • The community was last engaged in April 2019 through two Open Houses and a survey. Since then, the project has been expanded to include other City infrastructure, including trails, bus stops and public parking lots.

    What will be the results of the review?
    • The review will culminate in a comprehensive report that outlines any recommendations that are needed in order to ensure our Program is relevant and effective. 

    How can I provide my input?
    • This survey is a great opportunity to share your values and expectations around our Snow and Ice Control Program. Winter road maintenance impacts everyone in our city whether you are a pedestrian, transit user, cyclist, or motorist. We really want to hear your feedback. The results from this survey will help focus our review so that we can provide accurate and valuable recommendations to our community.