November 2020

Consultant chosen

Project proposals evaluated and project awarded to a professional consultant.

December 2020

Project Initiation

The Area Structure Plan (ASP) project team at Stantec prepares the background research and supporting studies to support the ASP.

May → July 2021

Policy Writing and Draft ASP

The background research and draft supporting studies are utilized for policy drafting, mapping, and conducting and finalizing the supporting studies.

July 2021

Phase 1 Engagement

The project team begins initial consultation with adjacent industry, adjacent municipalities, and businesses within the Plan Area.

August 2021

Initial City Review

The first draft of the ASP is prepared, incorporating feedback received from Phase 1 Engagement and submitted for initial review by City of Medicine Hat staff.

September → October 2021

Plan Revisions

Project team revised Plan, incorporating feedback from City review.

October 28 → November 24 2021

Phase 2 Engagement

The project team re-engages with adjacent industry, adjacent municipalities and businesses within the Plan Area. The draft ASP is also shared with the public to provide input and feedback on the proposed Plan.

December 01 → December 17 2021

Presentation to Officials

(Anticipated) The finalized Northwest Industrial Area Structure Plan is presented to the Municipal Planning Commission and to City Council.

January 2022

Plan adoption

(Anticipated) Plan is adopted by Medicine Hat City Council.