eUtility & eBilling

    What is eUtility?

    eUtility is a secure internet site in which City of Medicine Hat utility customers can: 

    - View their current and past utility statements 

    - View their consumption history 

    - View the services provided to them 

    - Request changes on their utility account for 24 hour / 7 day a week service 

    - Request and set up eBilling (paperless billing) 

    And now available, hourly consumption data if you have AMI meters!

    Why sign up for eUtility?

    eUtility is convenient, easy to use, and gives you the ability to access your utility information outside of regular business hours. Hourly consumption data is available should you have AMI meters installed at your residence. You can also choose paperless billing from this site.

    Where do I sign up for eUtility?

    You can sign up at, or on the City’s website at under eServices > eUtility. 

    Who can use it?

    Any customer who has or had a utility account with the City of Medicine Hat over the last 18 months can register for eUtility. 

    What do I need to register for my eUtility account?

    You will need your customer ID number, and your personal access code (found on your utility statement)

    What kind of identification do I enter?

    The access code found on your utility statement or on your sign on form if you are a new customer. You may contact customer service at or call 403.529.8111 if you are unsure of this number.

    Why do I need to enter identification?

    The City’s priority is to protect your privacy. This is a security feature to ensure only the account holder has access to their utility account.

    What kind of password do I use?

    Your password must be at least 7 characters including at least one uppercase letter and one number.

    I’m trying to sign on and nothing is happening?

    If incorrect information is entered, an error message near the top of the page will populate. Correct the error and try again. If you are still having difficulty, please contact us at or call customer service at 403.529.8111.

    What happens if I forget my password? Who do I contact?

    Use the “forgot your password?” option on the Login in page. An email will be sent to your in box.

    What if I have more than 1 account. Can I see all my locations with one account?

    Yes, all accounts associated with your Customer number will be displayed. If you have multiple customer numbers, you can link them under one user name by going to Preferences > Manage accounts and add a new customer number to your account. 

    Can both my spouse and I sign up on the same account?

    Yes, you can both sign up for eUtility using the same or different usernames, however only one email address can be used for eBilling.

    What is eBilling?

    eBilling is paperless billing. Instead of receiving a paper utility statement in the mail, you receive an email notification that your statement is ready for viewing at the eUtility website.

    Why sign up for eBilling?

    eBilling supports going green conservation initiatives by eliminating paper waste. By signing up for eBilling, you are also saving the City of Medicine Hat money in postage, paper, and envelope costs. This money can then be used for other City initiatives to help better our community.

    How do I set up paperless billing (eBilling)?

    Once set up on eUtilities, go to Preferences and use the drop down to select email as the method of delivery. 

    If I sign up for eBilling, when will I receive my first statement?

    Once you sign up for eBilling, your next scheduled statement will be paperless!

    How do I get notified that my utility statement is ready? Is it attached to the email?

    An email notification is sent to you indicating that the utility statement is ready for viewing on the eUtility web site. For security reasons, the actual utility statement is not attached to the email.

    If I don’t want to sign on for paperless billing, will I get charged a fee for a paper utility statement?

    No additional fees will be charged for customers who want their utility statement mailed at this time, but there may be a monthly charge in the future.

    Are utility rates going to increase to pay for this eUtility / eBilling program?

    No, the cost savings benefits of postage, printing and paper will pay for this program. 

    I don’t have a computer and can’t use this, what happens?

    Nothing changes for you. All the same services that you’re received in the past you will continue to receive.

    Is the site secure?

    Yes, the City of Medicine Hat strives to protect your privacy.

    My hourly consumption graphs won’t load?

    The consumption graphs require pop-up windows allowed. When prompted, choose to allow. At this time, the hourly consumption graph won’t load on iPhones.

    Every time I enter the Username and Password, I get brought back to the log in page? What’s wrong?

    You must have cookies turned on. If you have cookies turned off, you won’t be able to log in. Go to your settings to allow cookies.

    Who do I contact for more information?

    Customer Service, Main Floor, City Hall. 
    Phone: (403) 529-8111 
    Fax: (403) 526-1239