Stage 4 - Refine Key Focus Topics

The following engagement sessions were held as a part of Stage 4 Refine Key Focus Topics:

  • An in-person, half-day, facilitated workshop was held with internal and external stakeholders, with the purpose of soliciting feedback on the development of example goals, targets, and strategies that the City could undertake for inclusion in the CMH Environmental Framework. As a part of the workshop, 14 proposed goals and a series of strategies to support the achievement of each goal were reviewed and discussed. The objective of this exercise was to obtain stakeholder views and inputs on the following:
    • Whether the proposed 14 goals are in alignment with the stakeholders and City views and priorities.
    • To understand which strategies are to be considered to support each of the 14 goals and which strategies may not be suitable for Medicine Hat.
    • To identify strengths and opportunities that can be built upon or if any of the proposed goals should be further broken out.
    • Whether there are any additional goals or strategies that should be considered.
    • Feedback was gathered during the workshop, in addition a post-workshop strategies worksheet was issued, allowing for further contemplation and evaluation from stakeholders.
  • An in-person facilitated workshop was held with City Council, with the goal of providing City Council with a project background overview, a current status update, and an opportunity to solicit individual and collective feedback to inform the technical work.
  • Technical discussions with City departments took place to collect additional feedback on the finalization of goals, strategies, as well as the feasibility of certain supporting implementation actions. Sessions were held regarding Energy and Carbon, Planning and Waste, and Stormwater and Watershed Management. The feedback collected through these technical discussions was used to inform the development of the Draft Framework.
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